UConn HealthOffice of Educational Assessment

Office of Educational Assessment (OEA)

The Office of Educational Assessment (OEA) is located in the University of Connecticut Medical School. This office serves the Medical and Graduate Schools at the UConn Health in several significant ways:

  • Collecting student evaluations of course data through online surveys is a primary function. Summary reports created from this data are provided to the course directors. The office also provides an analysis of the results to the course directors including a comparative analysis to previous years' results. This information assists the course leadership in making decisions about the curriculum.
  • The survey data also supply the office with students' opinions on how well they are evaluated by a course. The course directors use this data to enhance the courses' current evaluation methods.
  • The Office of Educational Assessment helps evaluate courses in the Medical School. This is promoted through the Course and Curriculum Evaluation Committee's (CCEC) intensive evaluation of each medical school course every three years.
  • Collecting faculty evaluations of medical students in their 3rd and 4th year (ACE/AIE) clinical rotations through online surveys is also a function of the Office of Educational Assessment. This is accomplished thru use of the off-site server-based system, MyEvaluations.com. SCP evaluations of students by their community-based preceptors are also collected thru this online system. In addition, CMPS 1 and 2 now collect facilitators' evaluations of students, student evaluations of facilitators and of the course using this system. This has expanded to include ACE Radiology and all portions of PCM 1 and 2 evaluations. With this system, a variety of reports can be generated online so as to view completed student evaluation reports as well as providing other useful data to the specific courses' leadership. This online system has proved invaluable in providing comprehensive and easily available information to assist in formulating the medical students' Dean's letters.
  • Starting in 08-09, the MyEvaluations system allowed students to anonymously evaluate their Attendings or Residents from their rotation experience along with evaluating in some instances, their course rotation experiences. Attending and Resident summary reports are produced by this office annually and semi-annually respectively and sent to the respective clerkship directors. End of year course rotation summary reports are now produced for all 3rd and 4th year rotation experiences. In addition, Verint survey software allows this office to generate clinical site specific reports from the 3rd and 4th year course rotation summary survey results. The respective site report is used at its annual site meeting.
  • A teaching evaluation system designed by FITS was implemented in 09-10 to collect student evaluations of Basic Medical Science Course lectures. This system provides to the BMS course leadership and their lecturers valuable feedback on the effectiveness and value of these lectures. OEA provides support for this system. This system will expand to include student evaluations of other areas of the BMS courses.
  • Other uses of Verint survey software by this office: Voting by peers in their 3rd year for GHHS nominations; Use of Verint's cross-tab analysis reports for comparative analysis of course rotation survey results across various clinical sites.

Our Charge

The charge of the Office of Educational Assessment is to be a service center to collect data involving courses, faculty, and the curriculum as a whole. The course directors are provided with data and analysis to make necessary decisions about the curriculum. In April 2004, the office began serving as a clearinghouse function for evaluations of students on their clinical rotations.

The Online Surveys

Through the use of Verint and Questionmark interfacing with UConn Health's Blackboard system, the Office of Educational Assessment is able to successfully collect large amounts of data from the Medical and Graduate schools. This system allows students to anonymously evaluate their course or rotation experience and provide feedback to the course leadership. The survey software allows for creation of reports summarizing the data in various formats.

The office began the above online survey process in September 2001. A significant number of reports were distributed in 2012-2013 to the leadership in the Medical and the Graduate Schools. The process continues to expand and evolve throughout the schools.